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Witness the New Face of Fashion with MAGS by Sananda Basak, India’s First Indigenous Sustainable Luxury Couture

Where innovation meets tradition, a new fabric is transforming the industry with its sustainability and elegance. Cupro, a regenerated cellulose fabric made from cotton linter, has gained attention for its silky texture and eco-friendly attributes. This fabric, derived from the unused parts of the cotton plant, offers a luxurious feel akin to silk while being entirely biodegradable. As the fashion world pivots towards more sustainable practices, Cupro stands out as a beacon of eco-conscious luxury, blending style with responsibility.

Ecovero, another eco-friendly fabric, is crafted from certified renewable wood sources, ensuring minimal environmental impact. These fabrics not only provide a luxurious feel but also promise sustainability and ethical production methods. As these innovative textiles gain popularity, they are setting a new standard in the industry, challenging designers to think beyond traditional materials and embrace a greener future.

At the forefront of this is MAGS By Sananda Basak, a brand that has redefined luxury resorts and casual wear in India since November 2009. Founded in Pune by Sananda Basak, the principal creative mind behind the craftsmanship, the brand is committed to making couture more accessible while adhering to the highest standards of sustainability. One will see a unique blend of contemporary aesthetic and traditional culture in Sananda’s artistic style which is prints, specifically using geometric lines to create objects and designs and patterns which is inspired by her upbringing in Calcutta and her love for traditional Indian attire. By assembling a team of skilled artisans, including traditional embroidery and zardosi craftsmen, Sananda has ensured that each piece reflects her dedication to quality and detail.

MAGS by Sananda Basak is dedicated to creating beautiful clothes while making a positive impact. The brand uses innovative fibers like Cupro and Bamboo Viscose, aligning with its mission to promote sustainable fashion. Cupro, a rare and luxurious fabric favored by top designers like Gucci and Giorgio Armani for their suit interlining, is breathable, hypoallergenic, and has a soft, silky finish. The brand is committed to ethical production practices, ensuring environmentally responsible manufacturing processes, reducing water usage, recycling water, and minimizing CO2 emissions. Additionally, the zero-waste fabric is repurposed to make nifty jewelry, upholding ethical practices for current and future generations.

Sananda Basak’s latest designs embody her vision of sustainable luxury. The Elemento Collection features innovative fabrics and intricate details, inspired by the five elements of nature—Earth, Water, and Air in Elemento 1, and Fire and Space in Elemento 2—each piece is a true work of art. This thematic approach ensures that every collection is a cohesive narrative, not just a random assortment of ideas, reflecting both the wearer’s style and values while offering a transformative fashion experience.

The social impact of MAGS By Sananda Basak extends beyond the garments themselves. By using recycled fabrics and promoting sustainable practices, the brand sets a new industry standard, challenging other designers to follow suit. Sananda’s commitment to sustainability includes supporting local artisans with fair wages and opportunities, and preserving traditional crafts while empowering communities. The journey of MAGS is a celebration of creativity, innovation, and sustainability, proving that luxury and environmental responsibility can coexist. As the brand evolves, Sananda Basak continues to transform wardrobes and contribute to a brighter, more sustainable future for the fashion industry.

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