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Smiling Tree, led by young Aarav & Alina Kwatra, Partners with IP College and Hansraj College for World Environment Day

New Delhi, 5th June 2024 – In a significant move to promote environmental conservation and sustainable living, Smiling Tree, an environmental NGO, has partnered with Indraprastha College for Women and Hansraj College for a plantation drive on the occasion of World Environment Day. This initiative is spearheaded by Dr. Mukesh Kwatra, the esteemed founder of Smiling Tree and his children Aarav Kwatra and Alina Kwatra, students of Modern School, Barakhamba Road, Delhi. It was so motivating to see Smiling Tree’s young volunteers Aarav and Alina who very warm heartedly and enthusiastically participated in the green endeavor.


World Environment Day, celebrated annually on June 5th, serves as a reminder of the collective responsibility we share to protect and nurture our planet. This year, Smiling Tree is taking this opportunity to reinforce its commitment to green initiatives by collaborating with these prestigious institutions.


Dr. Mukesh Kwatra expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Partnering with IP College and Hansraj College on World Environment Day underscores our dedication to environmental sustainability. This initiative not only contributes to the greener future of our planet but also instills a sense of responsibility in the younger generation. Planting trees is one of the most effective ways to combat climate change, and we are thrilled to see students actively participating in this cause.”


The plantation drive saw a diverse range of saplings being planted across the campuses, including native species that are well-suited to the local climate and soil. This effort aims to enhance the green cover and biodiversity of the areas, providing a healthier environment for future generations.


The event was well-attended by students, faculty, and local environmental enthusiasts. Volunteers from Smiling Tree, especially Aarav and Alina, guided participants on the correct methods of planting and nurturing the saplings, ensuring that the trees have the best chance of survival and growth.


Smiling Tree is a 12-year-old green initiative founded by Dr Mukesh Kwatra and supported by his children Aarav & Alina Kwatra. The Environmental NGO “Smiling Tree” has planted nearly eight and a half lakh trees in and around Delhi-NCR. In addition to their tree-planting efforts, the green organization conducts anti-plastic drives,  environment awareness campaigns and encourages people especially the younger generation to adopt trees and lead an eco-friendly lifestyle. The young eco-warriors along with their father Dr Kwatra, are focused to work towards betterment of environment and motivating others to join them in taking steps to mitigate affects of Climate Change. Their dedication serves as a bright example of youth-driven environmental activism.


This collaboration between Smiling Tree, IP College, and Hansraj College is a testament to the power of community action in addressing global environmental challenges. Dr. Kwatra’s vision and leadership continue to inspire and mobilize individuals towards creating a sustainable and eco-friendly world.

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