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Zizle, A New Solana Community First SocialFi Platform, Reveals $3 Million in Pre-Seed Funding and Prepares for Public Launch After Coming Out of Stealth Mode

May 31, 2024,San Francisco, USA: Zizle, an innovative Web3-based social media platform, has revealed that it raised $3 million in its pre-seed funding round. The funding was led by a mix of venture capital firms and individual investors, including Unity Ventures, Black Dragon, Node Kapital, Khaled Guerbouz, and several angel investors. This investment has enabled Zizle to complete the development of its cutting-edge app, which is now ready to transition from stealth mode to public beta.

A New Era in Social Media:

Zizle aims to revolutionise social media by integrating the Solana Blockchain. This promises enhanced data privacy, decentralised governance, and more effective monetization pathways for users and creators. The platform’s mission is to transform social media into a non-toxic, engaging, and economically beneficial environment.

Investment to Propel Growth and Innovation:

The $3 million raised has been crucial for Zizle’s ambitious growth plans. With a robust team of over 30 full-time experts, Zizle has utilised this funding to make significant advancements. According to Eriz Zarate, CEO of Zizle, the funds have been directed towards enhancing the platform’s technological infrastructure, recruiting top-tier blockchain and AI specialists, and expanding the marketing and business development teams to boost user acquisition.

“This funding is a proof of confidence our investors have in Zizle’s vision of a decentralised, user-driven social media platform,” said Zarate.

Abhyudoy Das, CMO of Zizle, added, “This pre-seed investment enabled us to build and test various components of our platform and allowed us to work towards a product market fit with various focus groups . Now we are preparing to further scale our marketing efforts, reach a broader audience, and strengthen our community engagement. We had a private beta test with popular KOLs in the industry, and the response was inspirational due to Zizle’s community-first approach.

Support from Prominent Investors:

Unity Ventures and Black Dragon, along with other notable investors, have expressed strong support for Zizle’s innovative approach. “Zizle’s vision aligns perfectly with our investment strategy. We are excited to support their journey towards creating a more engaging and secure digital environment,” commented a representative from Unity Ventures.

Mr. Khaled Guerbouz added, “With growing concerns over data privacy and the demand for meaningful social interactions, Zizle is well-positioned to make a significant impact in the social media space through the use of Web3 technologies.”

Public Launch and Next Steps:

Having operated in stealth mode since 2022, Zizle is now preparing to launch its public beta. The platform will soon be live, offering users a glimpse into the future of social media. Additionally, Zizle plans to announce its next steps, including a significant airdrop for early contributors, further incentivizing engagement and participation.

Aiming for a Web3 Future:

Zizle plans to adopt a phased approach to transition from Web2 functionalities to a fully decentralised Web3 platform. This strategy aims to ensure a seamless user experience while gradually introducing blockchain elements and a token economy. The ultimate goal is to achieve full decentralisation with community governance, placing control and rewards directly into the hands of users and creators.

About Zizle:

Zizle is a cutting-edge Web3 social media platform that offers unmatched data privacy, decentralised governance, and effective monetization pathways. By creating a shared economy, Zizle aims to empower its community, making every interaction on the platform valuable.

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