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Grab It! Convenience CoWorking in Gurgaon launches the best facilities at an unbeatable price of Rs 2999 per month for a seat. A day pass option for just Rs 150!

Are you tired of working from home (WFH)? Looking for the best and most affordable co-working space in Gurgaon? Then head towards the newly launched Conveninece Coworking, located at Tech Garden,Sector 35, Plot No. 4, Udyog Vihar-VII,Gurguram. It offers unbeatable pricing options, with a launch price of Rs 2999 per seat for a month. One can work uninterrupted with high-speed internet connectivity and power backup every day except on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. For those who want to try out the facilities first, a day pass costs Rs 150 per day for a seat.

For those heading out from Delhi, especially from South Delhi, West Delhi, and Dwarka, to the Mellenium City Gurgurgram for working or having a meeting or a conference, the Convenience Coworking is a boon due to its accessibility. One doesn’t need to drive in the messy city traffic of Gurgaon. From Delhi-Gurguram-Manesar NH, in just 5–10 minutes, one can reach the destination. And there is the bonus of adequate parking space. There is no need to worry about looking for a place to park your vehicle.

The coworking space is located on the fifth floor of the six-story building, and its balcony provides a panoramic view. There are around 250 seats available to suit all kinds of requirements. Adequate care has been taken to maintain privacy. The building has a total construction area of 75000 square feet with each floor having 15000 square feet. These space are also available for a warehouse and independent office space, starting from 1000 square feet to 15000 square feets on each of the floor.. If you get used to a place and want to have your own independent office, you can rent it out in one of the available spaces. If your business booms, you have a requirement for more places; no worries, it has enough space as a full new floor is being prepared on the sixth floor. 

Ritu Bhagat, a veteran of service industries who now heads Conveninece Coworking, claims that the facilities offered at the price of Rs 2999 for a month are unmatchable in Gurgugam or even in Delhi. The coworking space offers independent and private access to all work stations. It has been designed in such a way that no resident gets disturbed by others while accessing their work stations. There are multiple independent sets of rooms with different numbers of seats. Good-quality chairs and desktops have been provided. There is enough independent space for a small team, say 5–10 people, or a large team for 20–30. With around 250 working stations, there will be no shortage of requirements in the near future. It also has conference rooms in case there is a need for them.

In case you tired of working and want to relax or indulge in some game-manship, then there is place for recreation and also a pool table.

As for convenience and facilities, Ritu says the coworking is accessible with two large lifts, and the building has power backups. It is connected to high-speed internet and also has a large cafeteria. All rooms are equipped with AC. The building has adequate parking space.

She also assures that the building, including the co-working space, is well maintained as it has a single owner. Each floor has its own independent bathroom, which is cleaned and maintained regularly. Adequate provision for water has been made.

One of the high selling points of Conveninece Co-Working, besides its unbeatable price, according to Ritu, is the easy access from the Gurgaon-Manesar Highway. With Gurgaon’s traffic in perpetual gridlock during the morning and evening peak hours, those coming from Delhi can avoid going into the city and drive here to work. One can also take a cab or an auto from near Dhaula Kuan metro station.

If you have any queries, please send them to this email: conveniencecoworking@gmail.com, ritu.b09@gmail.com ravisingh041@gmail.com kishannaresh77@gmail.com . Contact No: Mob: 9811043617, 9560364378, 9355723300, 8851832448.

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