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Dynamic Duo Runs the Extra Mile: 24-Hour Marathon in Delhi to Raise Funds to Support the Homeless

New Delhi, December 29th, 2023: In an extraordinary display of athleticism and compassion, two dedicated athletes undertook a 24-hour marathon in the heart of Delhi to raise funds and awareness for the city’s homeless population. The duo, Mann Sharma and Rishav Karki, will lace up their running shoes at the crack of dawn on December 30th, embarking on a grueling but purpose-driven journey through the city. The duo hopes that this brings to light the importance of exploring, discovering and testing mental and physical limits. Mann and Rishav have been training hyrox for the past 3 years, and spend the last 24 hours of every year challenging themselves.

Marathon starting point: JLN Stadium, Gate number 1 @ 6am of December 30th, 2023

Marathon ending point: JLN Stadium, Gate number 1 @ 6am of December 31st, 2023

Talking about the underlying idea behind these annual challenges, Mann Sharma shares “we wish to encourage everyone to allocate at least one day annually for exploring and pushing the boundaries of their mental and physical capabilities. Our broader objective is to inspire a reevaluation of priorities towards wellness. There are more than 1,50,000 people in Delhi who are sleeping on the streets during this deadly winter. So with the help of NGO CARE, we are raising funds to provide them blankets. With a minimal donation of Rs. 90 for one blanket, we hope to run 24 hours in this chilly winter to raise awareness around the people spending a lifetime on the streets”.

In addition to the personal commitments, Mann and Rishav aspire to elevate the prominence of physical fitness and sports within the nation—a domain that has lacked in comparison to academic pursuits. They hope to inspire other young people who want to join them in their yearly challenges in the imminent months and years to come. Some of the past annual activities taken up by this duo includes:

2021 – 2 thousand 21 push-ups

2022 – 2 thousand 22 hand-stand pushups

2023 – 2 thousand 23 pull-ups

2024 – plan to run for 24 hours

Rishav Karki shares some light on the challenges that the team faces “The foremost challenge is making people understand why this matters. It is not so much about what we feel after we have finished a certain challenge but how we feel while battling the inner voice telling us to quit while we are completing it. Another challenge has been finding the right kind of support, whether it be professional mentors or infrastructure. In the context of our forthcoming continuous 24-hour movement initiative, we anticipate grappling with the complexities of contending with traffic, combating pollution, and potential obstacles posed by individuals on the streets. Personal challenges and not being exposed to people who have done this before makes this experience difficult but all the more exciting for us.”

Ms Ruhi Ganguly’s event company Question Associates (Q&A) is the media partner for the event. The marathon has garnered substantial support from small enterprises engaged in the sports apparel sector such as 2XCompressions non-governmental organizations (NGO CARE), infinity ventures, The watch lab and professionals in the fields of nutrition and sports medicine. The network of support extends to peers, fellow athletes, and family acquaintances, who have not only expressed their backing but have also demonstrated a keen interest in our endeavors.

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