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Ziqitza Healthcare’s Transformative Journey in 2023: Pioneering Innovations in Healthcare and Mobility

As a beacon of innovation in India’s healthcare landscape, Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd has embarked on a transformative journey in 2023, leaving an indelible mark on the realms of public health and sustainable mobility. From pioneering animal welfare initiatives and providing emergency medical services on highways to revolutionizing private sector emergency care with Zenzo and venturing into sustainable mobility solutions with Zenplus Fleet Management, Ziqitza Healthcare continues to be a trailblazer in shaping the future of healthcare and transportation in India. The organization’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and social responsibility shines through in each sector it ventures into, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of healthcare and mobility in the country. Ziqitza has expanded its reach across three crucial sectors: Public Sector Projects, Private Sector Ventures, and Sustainable Mobility Solutions.
1. Public Sector Projects:

A. Animal Ambulance: Ziqitza Healthcare, in collaboration with the Uttar Pradesh Government, has introduced state-of-the-art mobile veterinary units in Uttar Pradesh, marking a significant stride in animal welfare. These units, launched under the toll-free number 1962, symbolize a groundbreaking public-private partnership aimed at providing prompt and high-quality medical care to animals. Mr. Naresh Jain, Director and Co-Founder of Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd (Public Sector Projects), emphasizes, “Our commitment to animal welfare aligns with our broader goal of extending quality healthcare solutions to all members of society.”
The 92 mobile veterinary units cover 14 districts in the western part of the state, offering medical care to a diverse range of animals, including domestic pets, street animals, birds, and reptiles. The launch event, graced by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Shri Yogi Adityanath Ji, underscored the government’s unwavering commitment to animal health, recognizing Ziqitza Healthcare’s excellence in healthcare innovation. These mobile units, equipped with cutting-edge medical equipment, are manned by skilled professionals, ensuring timely and comprehensive care for animals. Ziqitza Punjab has congratulated the UP team on its new launch of Animal Ambulance.

B. Additional Ambulance Launch in Odisha: In a significant step towards enhancing emergency healthcare services in Odisha, Ziqitza Healthcare, managed by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, dedicated 26 new Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulances as part of the 108 fleet on October 4, 2023. The additional ambulance launch in Odisha is a testament to our commitment to saving lives during health emergencies. It reinforces our dedication to providing instant patient care and improving the performance of emergency ambulance services in the state.” 

The 108 emergency medical ambulance service has been a beacon of hope for the people of Odisha, providing emergency medical services free of cost across all 30 districts. With a fleet of 624 vehicles, including BLS and Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances, Ziqitza Healthcare’s services have not only saved countless lives but also reduced the impact of health emergencies on the community.

C. Ambulance under 1033 Highway Helpline of NHAI: In another impactful initiative, Ziqitza Healthcare Limited has ventured into the public sector through the launch of ambulances under the 1033 Highway Helpline of the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI). These ambulances serve as crucial lifelines on highways, providing emergency medical assistance to accident victims and those in need. The toll-free number 1033 has become a beacon of hope for individuals facing medical emergencies on highways across the country.  Our highway ambulance service is a testament to our commitment to society’s well-being, ensuring timely medical assistance to those in need during critical moments, commented by Ziqitza Punjab 108 Ambulance team.

2. Private Sector Ventures:

A. Zenzo – Revolutionizing Emergency Medical Care: Ziqitza Healthcare has ventured into the private sector with the launch of Zenzo, a revolutionary brand committed to transforming emergency medical care. Zenzo’s fleet of advanced 5G-enabled ambulances represents a leap forward in providing real-time data transmission, patient monitoring, and top-tier emergency medical care. Ms. Sweta Mangal, Director & CEO and Co-Founder of Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd (Private Sector Projects), expresses, “With Zenzo, our aim is not just to provide emergency medical services but to redefine the entire experience, ensuring the well-being of individuals during their most vulnerable moments.”
The ambulances are equipped with high-tech medical equipment, including ventilators, defibrillators, ECG machines, and more. The 5G connectivity facilitates seamless data transmission, allowing medical experts to access critical information and provide remote guidance. These ambulances play a crucial role during the “Golden Hour,” ensuring timely interventions and better treatment outcomes.

3. Zenplus Fleet Management:

A. Revolutionizing Mobility Solutions: Ziqitza Healthcare’s expansion into mobility solutions takes shape with the introduction of Zenplus Fleet Management. This new venture, in partnership with Uber, focuses on major metro cities in India, providing sustainable earning opportunities for driver partners and exceptional service to riders. Mr. Manish Sacheti, Director & CEO and Co-Founder of Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd (Mobility Solutions), highlights, “Zenplus Fleet Management is our way of contributing to a more connected society, creating sustainable earning opportunities for drivers and ensuring reliable transportation for individuals across cities.”

The collaboration aims to provide sustainable earning opportunities for driver partners and exceptional service to riders. This venture not only reinforces Ziqitza’s commitment to innovation but also contributes to creating a more connected and accessible future for all.
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