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 Shaping Future Leaders Through Holistic Education: Heritage Girls School, Udaipu

Heritage Girls School is an entire girls boarding school located in the verdant valley of the majestic Aravali hills overlooking Eklingji Shrine, Udaipur

HGS was established in 2014 by Late Sh. Jaswant Bhandari has the vision of nurturing individual talents, developing interpersonal skills, teaching social and moral values and providing holistic development.

Heritage Girls School welcomes girls from around the country and abroad with the promise of honing their skills and moulding girls into leaders of tomorrow. The school is founded on the premise that “every girl is a leader”, and to keep that, we concentrate on the unique needs of each child.


The school admits students from Grade V-XII and is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE), New Delhi and Cambridge International Assessment Education(CIAE), United Kingdom. For admission, students are required to take an aptitude test.

Heritage Girls School has tailored its Middle Year Programme for grades 4-8, which offers students a combination of national and international syllabi to cater to the overall base development and strengthen its students’ core areas.

Students choose the preferable boards they wish to continue within 9th and 10th grade at the end of grade 8. Heritage Girls School provides counselling services to parents and students to acquaint them with both boards and facilitate informed decision-making.

Professionals and field experts are invited occasionally to enlighten students about various opportunities in different domains and offer one-to-one career counselling services to students to guide them in the right direction.

Apart from career guidance, the school has an experienced Psychologist to aid students with their problems and support them with mild learning, emotional and adjustment difficulties.

Heritage Girls School provides a greater scope of education that is a distinctive module for learning, which refers to its endeavours to take learning beyond books in practical applications. With a scheduled timetable for self-study along with remedial classes and peer tutoring, HGS aims to give a balanced treatment to academics with other co-curricular activities as well.


Ø Air-conditioned smart classrooms

Ø IT& Resource Centre

Ø Activity Centre- Music, Art and dance studios

Ø Well-stocked library

Ø Wi-Fi enabled administrative block.


To facilitate a home-like environment for students at residences, Heritage Girls School boasts two centrally air-conditioned student residences with a warm, happy, and homely atmosphere and dorm parents to assist girls.

Boarders also get spacious and well-furnished living areas and recreational rooms to relax during leisure and holidays.

This is followed by dining facilities ensuring a balanced, nutritious diet for all students. The School runs a high-end automated laundry, prioritising students’ hygiene.

The school also has an on-campus infirmary equipped with facilities like resident staff nurses, a doctor on call and a panel of specialists on call for emergencies.


The safety of girls is always the top priority of school. The school campus is guarded by trained security guards and 24×7 CCTV vigilance, ensuring students are not escorted.


Heritage Girls School believes in the significance of sports and physical activities and constantly strives to ignite interest in students for sports activities of all kinds.

Heritage Girls School has a sports complex that offers 13+ sports facilities at campus, including tennis, badminton, squash, table tennis, volleyball court, football, hockey and cricket field with a 200-meter track and a swimming pool as some of the amenities available.

Qualified coaches give students the best training to proudly represent at the state, district, and national levels.                                                                          


Heritage Girls School hosts its annual events like-:

(1)   TEDx- TEDx talks are hosted yearly to provide our passionate students with a platform to hone their creative speaking skills and voice new ideas of youth over national and international events.

(2)  HGS-MUN- this four-day simulation is held annually to facilitate the exchange of ideas and debates on world issues and for students to gain insight into the workings of various international bodies and national cabinets.

(3) The national cooking competition- This initiative began in 2016 to support students interested in experimenting with flavours. This platform welcomes students from India to showcase their talent for soothing their palates with their creative dishes.

(4)  Heritage Challenge women’s soccer tournament– To enhance healthy competition and sportsmanship spirit among students, this event is held to welcome teams from different parts of India for this football tournament for girls under 16.


Heritage Girls School not only focuses on academic and co-curricular development but also believes that developing social and emotional quotients in students is essential to prepare them for various challenges that the world throws up occasionally. Therefore, Heritage Girls School has come up with its module of ” the finishing school.”

In the HGS “finishing school” Programme, students are given comprehensive training, which includes-;

SOCIAL SKILLS (grooming, dressing, dining etiquette, home economics)

COMMUNICATION SKILLS( public speaking, assertiveness training, conversation techniques)

To continue the list, ORGANISATIONAL SKILLS(leadership, team management, goal setting)and many more.

Heritage Girls School aspires to provide an enabling environment that is intellectually stimulating and culturally rich. The school aims to provide girls ample exposure through various activities and teach social service values, environment conservation and equality.

A boarding school in Udaipur conforms to a tradition of responsibility, respect and universal values. It aims to mould young women of character who will shape the future of the Nation, carrying forward the legacy of ‘Wisdom and Virtue’.

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