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Vertoz Unveils Sweet Success with Influencer Marketing Campaign for Bolas Dry Fruits and Sweets

Mumbai, 19th December 2023 Vertoz, a leading digital advertising and technology company, recently celebrated a sweet collaboration with 50 key influencers for an enchanting Diwali campaign in partnership with Bolas Dry fruits and Sweets. Vertoz, known for its innovative marketing approaches, joined hands with 50 influential personalities across various domains to spread the joy of Diwali with Bolas Dry fruits and Sweets.

The heart of this collaboration was the distribution of specially curated sweets boxes to the influencers, aiming to create an authentic and delightful experience. Influencers, in turn, showcased the delightful treats to their followers, endorsing the quality and joy associated with Bolas Dry Fruits and Sweets. The campaign, marked by visually appealing and shareable content, generated a significant buzz on social media platforms, amplifying brand visibility and creating positive sentiment among engaged audiences.

Early metrics indicate a substantial increase in brand mentions and engagement rates, with a surge in inquiries about Bolas Dry Fruits and Sweets during the festive season. The personalized touch of sending Diwali Gift Boxes created a memorable and shareable experience, enhancing the campaign’s success and setting a unique precedent in influencer marketing.

Hiren Shah, Founder and Chairman of Vertoz, emphasized the success of the collaboration, stating that “our partnership with Bolas Dry Fruits and Sweets for this Diwali campaign is a testament to the power of influencer marketing done right. By partnering with key influencers and delivering a taste of Diwali joy, we’ve successfully blended authenticity and celebration, creating a memorable brand experience.”

Mr. Rajat Kamath Bola, Director, Bolas, added “The response to the influencer marketing campaign has exceeded our expectations. Our heritage series of gifting options resonated with influencers and their followers, forging a genuine connection that goes beyond the festive season.” Both Vertoz and Bolas Dry Fruits and Sweets express enthusiasm for future collaborations, building on the success of this influencer marketing campaign, and highlighting the strategy of combining digital expertise with personalized brand experiences as a recurring theme in their future endeavours.

Vertoz POC:

Richa Chikara

Lead Corporate Communication Email: richa.chikara@vertoz.com 

Phone: +91 22 6142 6067 / +1 (646) 895 6969

About Vertoz:

Vertoz (NSEI: VERTOZ) empowers organizations to thrive in today’s digital landscape with proprietary new-age technology platforms for Digital Marketing, Advertising, and Monetization. Vertoz platforms cater to businesses, digital marketers, advertising agencies, digital publishers, and other technology companies. Our Key Platforms include IngeniousPlex, IncrementX, Adzurite & AdMozart.

About Bolas Sweets:

Bolas is one of the largest retailers of dry fruits and sweets with 70+ stores across Karnataka. Known for providing quality products at factory price advantage, Bolas brings joy to every occasion with its delectable range of traditional and contemporary gifting options.

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