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India’s First Practice Book on Latest Syllabus for JEE Main 2024 with FREE Simulators

JEE MAIN is one of the most difficult exams of India and passing it requires passion as well as strategy. For every destination, there is a path and there is a better path and if anyone wants to conquer one of the toughest exams of India, they need to be innovative and strategic. Arihant has launched its JEE MAIN 2024 15 Practice Sets, based on the latest syllabus prescribed by the NTA on 1st Nov, 2023. This book will provide the aspirants with the necessary practice which is essential to the preparation of JEE MAIN. 

Practicing these sets gives you several advantages that otherwise would have been out of reach. These sets simulate the actual feel of the exam. By practicing these sets, aspirants will become familiar with the format, structure, and time constraints of the real exam. This reduces anxiety and enhances confidence on the exam day. Mock tests like these incorporate a variety of question patterns and difficulty levels. By solving a diverse range of questions, candidates gain exposure to different concepts and learn to adapt their problem-solving approach to various scenarios. Practicing with the Arihant’s Test Drive 15 Practice Sets for JEE Main 2024 gives the aspirants a sense of their potential and it also gives them the idea of areas that they need to improve in order to increase their potential.  Not only that, this book is also India’s First JEE Main Practice Book with FREE Online Simulators. This book has the never seen before, 8 online JEE Simulators that will predict All India rank with micro level analysis to update your preparation. And these online simulators does the incredible thing of personalizing the aspirants’ preparation in accordance with the All India rank.

Arihant’s Team of Authors has created these 15 sets of mock tests with the latest syllabus of JEE MAIN in mind. This book contains questions that are aligned with the revised syllabus released by the NTA. In the revised syllabus of JEE Main 2024, the NTA has removed some of the chapters from the class 11th & class 12th syllabus that aligned with the NCERT curriculum. Most of the chapters have been removed from the chemistry. As NTA has notified the revised syllabus, consider it not as a challenge, but as an invitation to redefine your preparation strategy and embark on a thrilling journey toward success. With the reduced syllabus, aspirants will get more time to prepare for the topics by practicing Mock Tests, & Previous Years’ Questions to get a good understanding of paper pattern and difficulty level.

To all the JEE Main aspirants, it’s crucial to understand that this journey goes beyond a mere test of knowledge. It truly reflects your tough dedication and hard work. With each problem you tackle, and еvеry concept you master, you approach your dreams one step closer. Stay focused, work diligently, and remember that each day of preparation is a step towards success in JEE Main 2024– your dedication will pay off!

Arihant’s Test Drive 15 Practice Sets for JEE Main 2024 is out now!

The book can be ordered from arihantbooks.com, Amazon & Flipkart

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