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ESRO MAGICA Illuminates the Cosmos: Students’ Celestial Discoveries Take Center Stage.

ESRO MAGICA, a leading space education provider, has achieved a celestial triumph as its students discovered a dozen celestial bodies during a recent NASA-supported Asteroid Search Campaign by the International Asteroid Search Collaboration (IASC). Guided by the institution’s commitment to excellence and under the supervision of space tutor Shikha Singh, students like Avanish Pande and Suhaas Kartikeya R played pivotal roles in this astronomical exploration.

Avanish Pande identified asteroids RAJ0002, RAJ0005, RAJ0015, and RAJ0016, while Suhaas Kartikeya R contributed with discoveries SSK1234 and SSA1717. Tejas Raut unveiled RTV9076, Shivam Raut founded HOP0002, and Shlok Patil and Shahaavr Patel jointly revealed SEP1111. Other notable discoveries include Prajakta Swami’s PSJ2345, Shravani Pandhare’s PLM9632, and Hridam Patil’s AKY1538. Suhaas Kartikeya R continued to explore the universe, marking another milestone with SSA1717 alongside Anjali Chaurasiya and Shikha Singh.

ESRO MAGICA‘s success extends beyond celestial discoveries. The institution’s unique “SWIFT Set” pedagogy, focusing on Intellectual, Social, Human, Financial, and Spiritual aspects, has been instrumental in shaping successful students. The Junior Scientist Program, tailored for 5th to 12th-grade students, offers a comprehensive online curriculum and hands-on experience through an annual visit to the Space Lab.

ESRO MAGICA, officially known as ESROMAGICA SPACETECH PVT. LTD, is recognized by the Government of India as a space edtech platform. With ISRO registration and STEM.org international accreditation in over 80 countries, ESRO MAGICA stands as a global leader in space science and technology education. Notably, its students have collectively identified 17 asteroids in prior campaigns, and an asteroid discovered by ESRO MAGICA President C3 Jahnavi Dangeti has achieved provisional status by IASC.

The visionary trio of founders, Mr. Pravin Wakode, Mr. Yogesh Unde, and Dr. Yuvraj Lambole, along with a dedicated team of 37-plus research scientists and experts, has propelled ESRO MAGICA to entrepreneurial resilience and a commitment to equality in space education. The institution’s trust in the “SWIFT Set” pedagogy reflects its vision to foster a generation of scholars passionate about space exploration, leading a space revolution.

ESRO MAGICA‘s mission revolves around accessibility, reliability, and leading the nation in the upcoming space revolution. Through various engagement channels like webinars, workshops, and counseling, ESRO MAGICA aims to solidify its position as a reliable and globally recognized space education provider.

In the ever-evolving landscape of space science and technology education, ESRO MAGICA emerges as a beacon of innovation, fostering a generation of scholars passionate about space exploration and contributing significantly to the enrichment of space science.

Click down below to delve deeper into ESRO MAGICA’s celestial triumph and connect with them for further details on their innovative space education programs.

Website : https://www.esromagica.com

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/esro_magica

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/esromagic

YouTube : https://youtube.com/@SUPERbyESROMAGICA

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