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Discover PowerPoint’s Best Kept Secret (Better than ChatGPT?)

This is the story of how Bhavesh Shaha created Interactive Games in PowerPoint, allowing educators to conduct quizzes using free PowerPoint templates that incorporate working scoreboards, countdown timers, and game formats similar to popular shows such as Jeopardy, Millionaire Quiz, Family Feud and Deal Or No Deal. These PowerPoint templates have transformed education into an engaging and enjoyable experience!

“My 6th grade teacher is now a mini-game developer! She just has to change the data in an Excel Sheet, and she can be the host of a game-show in her classroom thanks to our PowerPoint Templates,” says Bhavesh Shaha, currently a student at IIM Ranchi.

PowerPoint Templates For Teachers

Top 7 FREE Interactive Quiz Templates In POWERPOINT | Classroom Solutions | Quiz Maker

Teachers already know about PowerPoints, and they can easily customise these quiz game templates, allowing them to engage and increase the retention of their classrooms. A report by Redseer shared that “90% of paying EdTech users rated interactivity as a key engagement driver”, and PPTVBA’s Family Feud or Press Your Luck PowerPoint templates contain gamification elements (animations, music and sound effects, interactive lifelines, scoreboards, countdown timers, wagers, and more), keeping your student’s attention while reviewing course materials before a big quiz or test.

A faculty from a Canadian University shared, “This PowerPoint template is truly designed to be a plug-in-your-info-and-go model.” Educators are surprised seeing how easy these template are to operate and customise. “I wanted to put our logo and change the colours, and this template got it done in 2 clicks; other online tools do not provide such customisability”, shared a private educator from USA.

Download Interactive PowerPoint Game Template

“If you divide your classroom into groups and give five points for every correct answer, it is very basic, and you could lose the attention of your students. A good game always has an element of luck or uncertainty, like a dice in board games,” shares Bhavesh while describing the Press Your Luck Template that awards points to groups randomly, “PowerPoint allows for such crazy interactive and responsive features, like a Spin A Wheel Template, yes, you can control it with a start-and-stop button while on Sl, yes, you can add the names of your students!”

Jeopardy PowerPoint Quiz Template

These PowerPoint game templates are available for download on PPTVBA’s website and have been described as “magic” by an elementary school teacher, who shared that her Bible Study lectures have been enhanced with the help of the Jeopardy PowerPoint Quiz Template (Christmas Version is also available). These templates are the craze for icebreaker sessions, especially during the pandemic when Zoom calls were the norm. These templates are perfect for any online event and serves as games to play in online meetings/calls: just share your screen, host the game and amaze your audience!

These templates are currently being used by 100,000+ teachers and 50+ universities and schools across the globe. Interestingly, young parents have also utilised these templates to create games for their children, from multiplication flashcards to colouring games on PowerPoint. You can also level up your classroom experience using the Millionaire Quiz Game Template today (various free templates are also available).

PowerPoint Solutions For Businesses

Vani Agrawal, a student at IIM Indore and co-founder of AfterBoards, an edtech start-up focused on test-prep for competitive exams, shared how she automated video content in the edtech industry, “PowerPoint is underrated. We had 1000 MCQs that had to be converted into 30-second videos. Other video editing tools were taking forever. I created an animated slide, connected my Excel Sheet to PowerPoint using PPTVBA’s codes, and had 500 videos in an hour!”

VBA Coding in PowerPoint

Similarly, using VBA, you can automate generating certificates and even emailing it to them, which has proven effective for conducting training workshops in organisations. Instead of a boring quizzing platform, the instructors can design their slides however they want, embed multimedia elements and share the file. The users can attempt it, and all the data gets saved in an Excel Sheet, certificates are generated and mailed! Surprisingly, these features are disabled by default in PowerPoint. Bhavesh Shaha has been creating video tutorials on YouTube since the age of 9, and has amassed 1.7 million views teaching PowerPoint Coding! Vani Agrawal has designed the PPTVBA template marketplace and created blog tutorials for the same. She has ardently advocated for these PowerPoint features, increasing PPTVBA’s reach and revenue, and even reaching the national semi-finals in the Global Student Entrepreneurship Awards 2023 (India).

Notable organisations from where managers have utilised these PowerPoint Templates include the World Health Organisation, BlackRock, Deloitte, Pepsico, Target and various Fortune 500 companies. They are used in Learning & Development modules, during orientation and onboarding, and for any activity that requires evaluation. “Google Forms is old news, I like embedding audio recordings for each question, designing my slides, and collecting responses through an interactive PowerPoint Quiz Game”, shared an HR Manager. These templates bring life into virtual team-building activities or even for a family game night!

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