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I said, “Aaj aapki khair nahi,” to Virat. Then Younis Khan told me, “Pakistan pacer remembers rivalry with Kohli.”

<p>In the five ODIs, the veteran Pakistani spinner got rid of Kohli three times, all in back-to-back games.<br />
Virat Kohli has had an incredible career, going from being a “chubby little fellow,” as Kevin Pietersen recalls, to being a modern-day icon who just eclipsed Sachin Tendulkar’s formidable record of the most ODI centuries achieved. Because of his accomplishments, opponents who have met him over the course of his 15-year career tend to remember the moment and the longest if they were able to prevail. Even though the veteran Pakistani fast bowler Junaid Khan last faced the legendary Indian in 2017, he still has clear memories of their rivalry.</p>
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<p>Fast bowler from Pakistan remembers his fierce competition with Virat Kohli<br />
Fast bowler from Pakistan remembers his fierce competition with Virat Kohli<br />
Junaid has bowled 24 times to Kohli in five ODI matches, and he has dismissed him three times for only three runs. The two have only played one T20I match together, in 2014, when Kohli scored a single boundary in two balls.</p>
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On Nadir Shah’s podcast, Junaid said, “Dande toh bahut saare ke udaye hai magar log jo yaad karte hai wo Virat Kohli ke hai (I have taken wickets of so many batsmen but people always remember Virat Kohli’s wicket).”</p>
<p>The left-arm fast bowler on the podcast made reference to Pakistan’s last bilateral series tour to India, which took place over two Twenty20 Internationals and three One-Day Internationals in 2012/2013. Before the batsman nicked one behind in the second match off of Junaid’s bowling in the first ODI in Chennai, the bowler had dismissed Kohli for a duck. However, Junaid discloses that he had cautioned the India No. 3 before of the third game at Kohli’s home stadium, Delhi.</p>
<p>“We were acquainted and had competed in the U-19 World Cup together. I was playing against India for the first time in my return series. After I got Kohli in the first game, he promised it wouldn’t happen again. In the third and second matches, I got him once more. I warned him, just before the third ODI, over breakfast, ‘Viru, aaj aapki khair nahi hai (Virat, you will not be spared today).’ There was Younis Khan as well. “Get him out again today,” he said. Virat’s catch was taken by Younis bhai “Junaid, who was never able to dismiss Kohli again, stated.</p>
<p>However, the fast bowler for Pakistan expressed his admiration for the hitter that Kohli has become and said that he believes he is one of the best five batters in the world.</p>
<p>“Virat Kohli remains one of the world’s top five batsmen.” He has lately surpassed Sachin Tendulkar’s century record, particularly in the white-ball game where he has set several records. He is an elite batsman, according to Junaid.</p>

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